Streamline Your Synagogue Management with Seafoam Media's Shulcloud Expertise

Seafoam Media understands the unique needs of synagogues and the complexities of managing congregant information and Jewish life cycles. We offer expert Shulcloud consulting services to empower your synagogue with a seamless and efficient member management system.

Our Services:

Seamless Synagogue Management:

By partnering with Seafoam Media, you gain the expertise to:

Enhance Your Synagogue Management Further:

Seafoam Media offers additional packages to complement your Shulcloud experience:

The Ultimate Goal: A Custom Synagogue App (For 10+ Clients):

Our commitment to synagogues goes beyond consulting. If we secure partnerships with 10 synagogues, we'll develop a custom synagogue management app for both Android and iPhone. This app will replace the outdated Shulcloud-sponsored app, offering a more user-friendly and feature-rich experience for your congregants.

Partnered Shuls Count: 1 - We're getting there!

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